Museum Drip is the place to flex on all the shenanigans going on in American art museums, while at the same time creating a space to remember why we care about museums at all. Museum professionals will feel seen and hopefully offer critiques of the stances taken in these posts, while those outside of the museum world will find museums demystified. You won’t find “hot takes” here – we’re trying to build sustainability in looking critically at the field of art museums. This blog offers a critical look at the history of the art world and museums, critique on common museum practices, and dreams for the future of museums. Intended to break down the stereotypes of white walls and whispering, you’ll find connections to pop culture, cursing and Lizzo lyrics alongside careful research and first-person perspectives from a decade of museum experience. I love to mock the “views are my own” line museum people put in their Twitter bios, but I, too, must disclaim that the views expressed on Museum Drip have nothing to do with who I am Monday-Friday from 8-5 and do not in any way represent any museum insitution with which I may be affiliated at any given time.

Museums might not seem like the most important thing to focus on during a period in which the world has quite literally gone mad, but museums, for better or worse, are the keepers of Western culture. Perhaps what we put in them and how we think about them is worth a little more attention.


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