I like art.

When I was on my 4th grade field trip to my hometown art museum, I raised my hand to tell the docent that I was a fan of Monet while we looked at American Impressionists. She corrected me by telling me that there were no Monets to be found in this American art museum. Silently, I thought, “I know that.”  

That’s the experience I can point to that has driven me to share my passion for everything art with others by prioritizing accessibility and dialogue over everything. Today, I make my living as a museum educator. Like many of my educator peers, I subscribe to the guiding principle to “meet people where they are.”

​Art and art museums have many different functions and perceptions, but I believe that both making and learning about art can help us to filter and process the world around us. This blog functions as the intersection of my interests in self-care & wellness, connectedness with others, the art world of museums and the market, and social justice. It’s a place to pry apart preconceived notions, call out cliches and use art as a spring board to question everything. While I don’t believe most cliches about art hold much water, I do believe in one: art brings us together. Let’s explore how.